The Oxford Art Factory is proud to present the latest art installation on our OAF Gallery wall – “Life Baiting” by Sydney artist Jamie Preisz

Jamie Preisz is a multi-disciplinary painter. He is based in Newtown and his work is focused on exploring social identity roles, notions of self and ownership in a context of rising individualism. He sees painting as an important way for people to connect and communicate.

“This work was sparked by the debate around greyhound racing. I find the anatomy of greyhounds interesting, they can be perceived as both masculine and feminine. This duality to me acts as a metaphor for the debate around racing them. Adding a symbol of currency seemed appropriate as it appeared that it was left out of the debate, with rhetoric mainly focused around ethics. The choice of colours was intentional to question who was or wasn’t included in this conversation. The graphic style was inspired by James Rosenquist and has been something I have been exploring in my most recent murals.” – Jamie Preisz

Come down and see for yourself this amazing work by Jamie!

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