FREE FALL – Gareth Hart and Justine Walsh –‘Precious Reductive Remnants’ – 26/27 JUNE



What exists in the space between two creative brains? An emerging oddball studio practice between Justine Walsh (sound/poetry/wordsmithery) and Gareth Hart (choreography/installation).  We explore the remnants imprinted by live performance.  What traces are left on the body? What marks are left on the space? What sounds linger in the aftermath?

2Somewhere between live art, dance, installation and poetry, this performance piece delves deep into the cross over between the practices of Gareth Hart (dance, installation) and Justine Walsh (poetry, sound, installation).

We collect things through life. We understand these things through our memories, sensations, embodiments and the traces imprinted upon ourselves. But in actual fact, they are just objects.

Hart and Walsh will collect some of their most treasured treasures (including, but not limited to: journal notes, furniture, found objects, keepsakes and more), and burn them, reducing them to piles of ash and charcoal.


Imbuing them with new understandings and perceptions, Hart and Walsh will inhabit the glass cube and slowly, over time, cover these reductive fragments in fine gold leaf. In doing so, a meeting point between remnants and treasure will be created.


3 These microcosms of our experiential selves will be gently, methodically, almost clinically placed around the cube over 3-4 hours (creating patterns on the floor, suspended via silver filament from the ceiling, etc).


During the ‘performance time’, Hart and Justine will destroy, deconstruct, crumble and transmute these delicate treasures, imbuing the glass cube itself with imprinted memories and selves.


As artistic collaborators, Hart and Justine are fascinated with the remnants and traces left upon a space (physical space, emotional space, body space) once a ‘thing’ is done. What traces remain after a performance is finished? What is still felt after the ephemeral moment of ‘now’ subsides?


This is an emerging, ongoing investigation, which first began as a weekend residency at Burrinja Cultural Centre, as part of the curated 2015 Dandenong Ranges Open Studios program, with a subsequent one-day immersion at the Tiffaney Bishop Collective studios in Belgrave, Victoria.


JUNE 12/13 – Ripper Gently & Zsa Zsa LaFine — ‘REPTILIVISION’

Ripper Gently combines expressive movement, inventive costume and mask work with her training in Commedia dell’arte, Suzuki Method and Trinity College accredited Speech & Drama to explore themes of death, rebirth, transformation and gender fluidity.

ingrid and zsa


Zsa Zsa LaFine is a Performance Artist, Installation Artist, Dancer, Painter, Singer, Model, Costume Maker, Showgirl and Glamoupuss. She has attended WAAPA, with a focus on Classical Ballet and Contemporary Dance, and currently attends Sydney College of the Arts.

Ripper Gently and Zsa Zsa LaFine join artistic forces for ‘REPTILIVISION’, a statement on the intersection between paranoia and apathy in the modern age.